Travel Resources to Northern Vietnam

Travel Resources

To have a perfect plan for your trip to Northern, not only about information, check out these tips to make sure everything be ready then you just enjoy.

Flight: some website you can compare the flight.

With Domestic flights you can check at some Airlines company like: VietnamAirlines, VietjetAir, Jetstar Pacific, or you can compare at

Accommodation:,,, or couchsurfing if you want to stay with local.

Money and banking: you can exchange money at almost the bank here. In Vietnam, even the gold shop they can exchange money for you. Of course the price will be different but not much. Careful with the bank because they just work 8 hours per day.


  • Hanoi’s old quarter with 36 streets, special is Hang Gai with silk street, Hang Bac with silver street, Hang Dau with shoes street, …
  • Dong Xuan market t Dong Xuan street
  • Ha Noi weekend night market at Hang Dao street
  • Trang Tien plaza at Trang Tien street
  • Hang Da market: shoes, bags, accessories at Hang Da street


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