Planning a Trip to Northern Vietnam

Planning a Trip

As you know Viet Nam is divided into three regions and each region has different weather, culture, cuisine, lifestyle, … So what is special thing you should pre-departure for your trip to Northern?

Big trip, so you have to check everything carefully, weather, budget, food, ticket, place, …

Clothes: the weather in the North will be cold from December to February. So you should bring some jacket. But if the temperature is about 150C is nothing for you then you have great weather to enjoy. Note that in some mountain it can be 50C. It will be so hot from May to October with the temp up to 330C sometime so remember bring something simple and light.

Bring or buy a flip flops here to walk around Ha Noi old town and discover the local market must be nicer and more comfortable than a big big shoes.

If you will trek in the mountain, you know what you need to prepare: good shoes, jacket, water, … and your heath.

Don’t forget swimming suite, the most beautiful beach Ha Long Bay is waiting for you.

For me when travel to travel somewhere, I prefer to enjoy the local food, special street food, it will show you the culture and their lifestyle also. Make sure these foods will be in your list: Pho, Bun cha Ha Noi, Cha ca La Vong, Banh cuon Thanh Tri, Banh com Lang Vong, Banh tom Ho Tay. One style of young people in Ha Noi is: sitting on small chair and enjoy lemon tea and chit chat. Ha Noi beer is also famous that you have to taste. If you’re from Asia and travel to Vietnam, then the food, water, everything here are fine, we have something same same. But if you are from Europe, America, Australia, … please be careful with: street food that’s not clean in some stall, some sauce maybe weird, the ice from some stall is not made from the clean water. So please be careful if you don’t want your stomach gets problem.

If you can arrange time to go up north and spend time with some ethnic there, they have a thousand foods that you haven’t seen in your life and even you don’t have any idea about the ingredient such as Thang Co, Pa Pinh Top, Cham Cheo, …

Most of Vietnamese drive motorbike/scooter. But we also have bus, train, airplane. To travel around Northern, let’s check which transfer is suitable with you and you budget. Anyway the ticket is cheap even by airplane. What you must do is having a tour to Ha Long Bay and relax on the boat.  Also check some agency before you book the tour. There are some different with the price.

Depend on your time and budget, make the list where you will go with some detail must be great. Bring your camera to save your memory, you will fall in love with the landscape here.

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