Getting Around in Southern Vietnam

Getting Around

The South of Vietnam is an attractive and famous destination for many tourists with a variety of transportation. Referring to the following common means of transport to facilitate for moving during your journey.


An easy way to move in the city is the public bus, it is very cheap only about 5.000VND to 7.000VND per trip in the city center.

To move to further provinces, most of travelers choose buses from private company to go. They are convenient and active all the time,  approximately 100.000 VND per 100 kilometers. However, you should choose reputable company as Kumho, Mai Linh, Phuong Trang, Hoang Long.


Currently,there are many taxi companies in Sai Gon and Southern area, famously as: Vinasun, Mai Linh, Phuong Trang, Hoang Long. Guests should pay attention to the clock and license plate to avoid forgeting the luggage or other troubles.

Motorcycles, bikecycle, cyclo:

Guests can rent a motorbike to travel around and explore the unique alleys in Ho Chi Minh city. Motorcycle is very convenient, can go through into the small alley while the taxi is unreasonable. The price to rent motorcycle from 80.000-150.000 VND per day and 60.000-100.000 VND per day for a bikecycle. To rent a scooter, you just need to leave your passport with deposit then you’ve got a vehicle quickly. If you can not drive motorbike, you can go by “xe om” (a man will drive the motorbike with you on the back). You can easily find “xe om” anywhere, but you need to bargain to have a good price. If you want to enjoy and see more details of the city, the travelers should be go by bicycle or cycle to move slowly around the city.


It is fast and help you save time, but having the high cost. To travel around the South, travelers only can fly to Phu Quoc, Con Dao from Ho Chi Minh city, not for other provinces.


From Ho Chi Minh city to Cu Chi Tunnels or some places in Mekong Delta,  you can travel by boat with a reasonable price and you will have an exciting experience on the river there.

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