Central Vietnam

The Central of Vietnam is connecting the North and the South, which stretch the coast from Thanh Hoa to Ninh Thuan and including Central highland with totally 19 provinces. Which the narrowest and longest region of the country, Central Vietnam holds a collection of historic sights, cultural interest, blessed with beautiful beaches and outstanding national parks. It is always talked about its ancient beauty, peaceful, quiet and serene.

The central region of Vietnam is a showpiece of the country’s rich history:  Hue Kingdom of Nguyen Dynasty will satisfy who has the enthusiasts about culture and history.

A few hours south, the charming old town of Hoi An makes for an exquisitely relaxing break. Spend peaceful moment when you walk around the anceint town. It is just awesome and will charm you with full of lantern and hundred of small alleys. Located close to Hoi An,  ancient My Son of Champa Kingdom still survives as a haunting array of overgrown ruins in a hidden valley.

And you shouldn’t miss some adventures to discover natural cave system like Son Doong caves (the largest cave in the world), Phong Nha caves, marble mountains or the waterfall. That would be the best experience ever.

Nha Trang, Mỹ Khê, Mũi Né – all of them are conveniently located right on the beach helps draw both domestic tourists and international visitors of all budgets. You will have the best time relaxing at some beaches with white sand and the brilliant turquoise waters.

In the Central Highlands with a temperate climate and fertile soil Đà Lạt is called “ the city of spring” and it is one where the flowers bloom, birds sing and the air is clear, fresh and redolent of pine. Spend romantic time in the flower city or go far away the city center to hiking Langbia mountain, jumping the Datanla waterfall,…

Besides the popular destinations, the Central Vietnam is really allure of coastal others towns, with their long beaches and clear warm waters, is a world away from the region’s cool misty highlands, with their pine forests, flower farms, and ethnic minority villages. Traveling this region takes you through stunning scenery: long white beaches; vibrant emerald rice paddies; dragon-fruit farms;  salt farms; green rice paddies; rolling hills; beautiful valleys; and many exotic temples.

The land of this area is limited by Truong Son mountain range and effect by Southwest winds so the weather in Central Vietnam is hot and dry. The region is surrounded by mountain ranges stretching from the west to the east. For this position, the climate in Central Vietnam is harsher than that in Northern and Southern. From north to south, Central Vietnam has two main sub-regions including coastal and highland with plenty of mountains and rivers, creating beautiful landscapes in this region. Thus, weather in these regions is different from each other from the east to the west and from the north to the south.

For the cuisines here are amazing food . You can find heaven of street food which is very featured like: Quang noodles, Cao Lau, chicken rice, Vietnamese pancake,steamed rice cakes, sea food, …

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